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Method Updates - November 16th, 2023

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • QBO API Upgrade -Version 34: Support for Tax Classification Service. (PL-42902)


  • Manage Apps - Fixed an issue where the Last Modified Date of screen versions was inaccurate. (PL-42483)
  • Invoices - Fixed an issue where users were receiving a 404 error when trying to print invoices. (PL-43285)
  • Opportunities - Fixed an issue where the stage list dropdown was not loading when accessed through the App Ribbon. (PL-43068)
  • Opportunities - Fixed an issue where copying an opportunity also duplicated all the activities of the original. (PL-43470)
  • Proposals - Fixed an issue where missed auto-payments were not being attempted again on the next run of the app routine. (PL-43465)




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