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Method Updates - Dec 08th, 2023

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Adding More Tables and Fields Error for the Alert Systems Error. (PL-44066)
  • Work Orders and Field Crew - SMS notifications. (PL-44247)
  • QBO Sync Conflicts- Added a resolution and customer-understandable message for conflicts: TxnTaxDetail.TaxLineDetail.TaxLine.TaxRateRef. (PL-44331)
  • Charts - Added additional date filter options in the criteria builder. (PL-44312)


  • App Ribbons - Fixed an issue where custom app ribbons were affecting screen load. (PL-42250)
  • Actions - Fixed an issue where the change event on text input objects was not working as expected. (PL-36658)
  • Audit Trail - Updated to show logs for the CustomerPaymentInfo table. (PL-43839)
  • Map - Fixed an issue where the navigation arrow was not pointing to the correct address on mobile. (PL-41735)
  • Charts - Fixed an issue issue with toggling yes/no fields in the criteria builder. (PL-44311)




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