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Method Updates - Dec 18th, 2023

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates


    • Opportunities - Fixed an issue where converting an Opportunity to a transaction did not update the sales pipeline.  (PL-43741)
    • Opportunities - Fixed an issue where contact information was not updating correctly. (PL-43612)
    • Gmail Sidebar - To support uploading attachments of up to 25 MB. (PL-44468)
    • Estimates- Removed unnecessary action on the portal screen. (PL-43841)
    • Deposits- Added logic to prevent the deposit amount exceeding the total estimate amount. (PL-43761)
    • Deposits- Fixed issue where the generated sales receipt was missing relevant information. (PL-43621)
    • Estimates - Fixed issue where email templates were not populating with the correct currency symbol. (PL-43327)
    • SalesTaxTotal is marked as Unique on the Purchase Order Table in Fields and Tables. (PL-43693)




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