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Method Updates - January 2nd, 2024

The following updates are now live for users of Method


  • Opportunities - Fixed an issue where line items were not displayed when emailing an opportunity. (PL-44428)
  • Tables & Fields - Fixed an Items views to show the correct required fields. (PL-29880)
  • Custom Apps - Fixed an issue where edit permissions could not be set. (PL-44399)
  • Text Field - UI Improvement to make border easier to see. (PL-44402)
  • Calendar - Fixed an issue where comments were not appearing in event titles. (PL-43967)
  • Purchase Orders - Fixed an issue to allow a maximum character length of 1000 on vendor messages for QBO . (PL-44419)
  • Email Campaigns - Fixed an issue where blocked emails were showing as delivered status. (PL-44227)
  • Email Campaigns - Fixed an issue where completed campaigns were still showing in progress. (PL-44157)
  • Invoices - Fixed an issue where users were unable to calculate Shipping cost. (PL-44570)




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