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Method Updates - Jan 5th, 2024

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates


    • Estimates - Updated logic so that when sending an email and an estimate has already been accepted, the original email is used instead of the approval email. (PL-44537)
    • Deposits - Updated the logic on preferences so Users are aware they don't have the permissions to enable/disable deposits. (PL-44099)
    • Sales Orders - Fixed an issue where the currency was not being used correctly on the email. (PL-43329)
    • Estimates - Cleaned up the comments on the preferences screen. (PL-44041)
    • Activities - Fixed an issue where links from the New/Edit Activity screen were not working on the mobile app. (PL-44169)
    • Email Activity Log - Fixed an issue where retried emails did not show the correct time. (PL-43066)
    • Call Web Service Action - Fixed an issue where the action was not returning correct results. (PL-43688)




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