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Method Updates - January 10th, 2024

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates


    • Web to Lead - Fixed an issue where inactive users were appearing as assignee options. (PL-44465)
    • Estimates - Fixed an issue where markup items were being calculated inaccurately. (PL-16358)
    • Contacts - Updated logic so billing address lines can be up to 500 characters. (PL-44605)
    • Email Campaigns - Updated logic so duplicate button does not copy over contacts/entities that are inactive. (PL-44526)
    • Deposits - Updated logic so a user can email an estimate that has a deposit without the payment gateway enabled. (PL-43550)
    • Contacts - Removed screen validation for Xero account to allow a colon in the name field . (PL-44423)
    • HTML Editor - Fixed an issue where uploading videos caused them to not play. (PL-41919)
    • HTML Editor - Fixed an issue where scroll was intermittently disabled . (PL-43770)
    • HTML Editor - Fixed an issue where section size was not respected on mobile devices. (PL-38082)
    • Grids - Fixed an issue where save message was appearing on read-only grids. (PL-37982)
    • DateTime Picker - Fixed an issue where default value was not displayed consistently. (PL-42331)
    • Cases - Fixed an issue where assignee dropdown was not sorted or filtered appropriately. (PL-44586)




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