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Method Updates - March 1st, 2024

The following updates are now live for users of Method


  • Gmail Sidebar - Fixed an issue where the users were unable to create records from the sidebar. (PL-45494)
  • QuickBooks Desktop - Fixed an ambiguous column name BillRef error on sync engine. (PL-45532)
  • Outlook Gadget - Fixed an issue where records were getting saved in main account instead of tenant. (PL-45512)
  • Sales Receipts - Fixed an issue where the TxnDate included in the email would include a time instead of only the date. (PL-45520)
  • Opportunities - Fixed an issue where line items with a total amount of 0 were not allowed to be saved. (PL-45246)
  • Opportunities - Fixed an issue where converting an opportunity to another transaction would not properly populate the Sales Tax Code. (PL-45228)




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